Your Melded Modules

Every user gets access to our full suite of Melded Modules - a range of tools to keep your data organised, relevant and accessible - and it's all connected in one place, enabling you to do things that simply aren't possible anywhere else.


Our calendar is rather clever, and so easy to use. Teachers only see what they need - lessons and students - while Admins have control of it all.


Your students are the most important people in your organisation, so this bit is a no-brainer. It lets you track everything about them, even their progress.


It's easy to track all your transactions and take payments by card, Paypal, Stripe or Worldpay. Even edit your prices and discounts all in one place. Lovely jubbly.


Everything to do with your company is here, from the lessons on offer to the staff teaching them, and even the prices that display on your website. Just like that.


Export powerful reports to CSV. From finance to footfall, productivity to insights, you can get the data that matters most. Whether accounting or budgeting, it’s all here.


Whether teaching in schools or elsewhere, everything about locations is handled here - like lessons offered, teacher availability and equipment in use.


Keep track of instruments and all sorts of equipment. See who has it, how long they’ve had it, if it needs returning, and if it’s in need of repair. Say goodbye to confusing lists.


Melded comes with it’s own page editor to control the content on your website. Just type in the boxes or upload new images. It even works on a phone or tablet. Ta da!

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