Not your average software company

We're a small, energetic team of specialists based in the North of England, led by designer Mike Ellis and developer Lee Anderson. 

Together we’ve built more custom websites than you can shake a stick at, so we know our stuff. We're experts in branding, user interface design, and the development of Progressive Web Apps.

Why did we make Melded?

We believe teachers deserve better software. We know how stressful teaching can be, and we want to help improve communication between teacher, student and parent. Teaching shouldn't be about paperwork, it should be about learning. Every minute spent digging for information is a minute you're not focusing on what's important - the music!

Why work with us?

We're expert problem-solvers and have been building websites for all sorts of companies for nearly 20 years. As designers, we like to listen, to learn, and to change things. We know that most problems aren't solved by adding more processes, but by streamlining the ones you already use.

Fancy a taste?

Our demo has lovely live data to get your teeth into. No need to book, just click the button.

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