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Does it take long to switch to Melded?

Nope. It should only take about a day, assuming we have the data we need from you. There won't be any downtime either, as we take a copy of your data and back it up. Simply export it as a spreadsheet from your current system, and send it over to us.

How does logging in work?

All your staff have their own profiles, which they access by logging in with their email address and password. Everyone logs into the same screen and the system knows whether you're an Admin or a Teacher. If you're an Admin you can see all the teachers' activity. If you're a Teacher you can only see your own timetable and Students.

What's wrong with my current calendar?

Nothing, probably. Most calendars these days are pretty good. However, your current calendar won't 'talk' to your Student list, your Payments, your Services, your Reports etc. That means you're probably having to juggle all those things separately right now. We feel your pain - that's why we made Melded. The Melded Calendar is linked to all the other Melded modules, and most actions are automatic.

How do parents see what lessons are available?

Like everything else, the Melded booking form is directly connected to the Calendar, meaning when parents book they can see your actual availability in real time. When they book a lesson with a certain teacher, it gets added automatically to that teacher's calendar. The booking form can be added to your existing website, or you can use it as part of a fancy new Melded website.

How is student progress tracked?

Teachers can use Melded during or after lessons to record notes and videos, and store and share practice materials. This can be used to review the student's progress over time, either for reference by the teacher, or by the parent logging in from home.

Can we bill both parents and schools?

Yes, or whichever you prefer. We know traditionally music services bill the school, but it's becoming more popular to bill parents directly. Melded allows you to choose between these methods, or use a combination. Don't worry, the Payment module has tabs to help you stay organised.

What kind of data can we export?

The Reports module has a choice of common reports built-in. When you click the Run button, a CSV file is created and can be found in the Results tab, ready for download. If you need a custom report with specific data parameters, just let us know and we'll add it in. As long as we have the data, we can make a report for it.

Is our data secure?

Yes. Melded's data storage conforms to the latest GDPR regulations, and the datacentres we use comply with ISO 27001. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.

How do the price bands work?

The price you pay for Melded is dictated by your Arts Council funding level, making it truly equitable. Depending on your level, music services typically pay 1-2% of their annual ACE allocation.

Is Melded a data processor or a data controller?

We are a data processor. We don't act as the controller. The music service using Melded is the controller of their own data.

As a data processor, what is Melded responsible for?

According to ICO regulations regarding the role of a 'data processor'...

We follow instructions from each music service regarding the processing of personal data.
We are given the personal data by the music service or similar third party, or told what data to collect.
We don't decide to collect personal data from individuals.
We don't decide what personal data should be collected from individuals.
We don't decide the lawful basis for the use of that data.
We don't decide what purpose or purposes the data will be used for.
We don't decide whether to disclose the data, or to whom.
We don't decide how long to retain the data.
We may make some decisions on how data is processed, but implement these decisions under a contract with the music service or council.
We are not responsible for the end result of the processing, only the efficiency of the process itself.

As the data controller, what is the music service or council responsible for?

A music service using Melded will act as a 'data controller.' According to ICO regulations regarding the role of a data controller...

You decide to collect or process the personal data.
You decide what the purpose or outcome of the processing is to be.
You decide what personal data should be collected.
You decide which individuals to collect personal data about.
You may obtain a commercial gain or other benefit from the processing.
You may be processing the personal data as a result of a contract between yourself and the data subject.
The data subjects may or may not be your own employees.
You make decisions about the individuals concerned as part of or as a result of the processing.
You exercise professional judgement in the processing of the personal data.
You have a direct relationship with the data subjects.
You have complete autonomy as to how the personal data is processed.
You have appointed Melded as the processors to process the personal data on your behalf.
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